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PLEASE BE ADVISED: We are currently only offering feline boarding at this time. Thank You.

Royal Veterinary Hospital is proud to announce we are now offering Doggie Daycare & Boarding for your furry family members!
How much is Doggie Daycare?

Full Day $25.00
Half Day (under 5 hours) $15.00

Please note: Taxes are NOT included in these prices.
We currently do not offer any packages for Doggie Daycare.

How much is Boarding?

Pocket Pets $16.50/night
Cat $27.50/night
Dog $37.50/night

Peak Season (Summer/March & Winter Break) + $5/night
Holidays & Long Weekends + $10/night with a minimum 3 day stay.

Please note: Taxes are NOT included in these prices.

What’s required?

Prior to check-in or drop-off, we require some paperwork to be filled out. Please contact us for more information.

Your pet’s health is very important to us. Dogs must be up to date on Bordetella and Rabies. Cats must be up to date on Rabies. Core vaccinations like Da2pp, FVRCP and FeLV are highly recommended as well. In addition, your pet must be on some Flea prevention (Tick and Heartworm prevention are a bonus)!


What’s included?

Dogs will receive three 20 minute walks along the Bruce Trail spread throughout the day. We have relaxing music playing continuously during the day and throughout the night. Each pet will be surrounded with Adaptil or Feliway to produce a calm environment to keep your pets relaxed during their stay. Our team ensures daily cleaning of cages, kennels and runs while providing your companion(s) with lots of love and attention.


What Do I Need?

Any medications or supplements your pet is receiving on a regular basis.

We ask that you bring your own treats, food, toys and bedding to ensure your pet stays happy and comfortable during their stay with us.


Do I have to be a Client to access these services?

No. Provide proof that your pet is up to date on the required vaccinations and book them in!


Special Needs Pets

The Royal Veterinary team is trained to handle and administer medications to pets requiring treatment. You can board your pets knowing that there is no extra cost for this!


Multiple Pets

Please call for your discounted quote today!



We require a 48 hour cancellation notice for any pet being boarded with us. We reserve the right to charge a late cancellation fee of $75.00.


Why choose us?

We keep your pets busy and active with daily walks and supervised playtime, all pets have access to veterinary care if needed, the caring staff will monitor water and food intake, waste output and general behaviour and all owners will receive frequent updates by phone or email to ensure pet parent satisfaction.  If your pet is attending our day care they will get plenty of exercise and will be ready to spend a relaxing evening at home.